This starts with a thorough analysis of your situation. I will explain the IRS’s procedures and identify the most beneficial resolution which I can negotiate with the IRS on your behalf. My extensive experience as a senior IRS Revenue Officer means I know how the agency works and what your rights, responsibilities and vulnerabilities are.

I assist with the following common issues:

  • Represent Taxpayers before the IRS specializing in delinquent tax Collection enforcement
  • Prepare documents
  • File documents
  • Evaluate tax compliance status and proactively resolve any delinquencies
  • Evaluate and resolve federal tax lien issues including releases, withdrawals, discharges, subordinations and foreclosures to assist you in selling, transferring or borrowing against property with Notices of Federal Tax Lien filed by the IRS
  • Provide individuals and businesses served with IRS Notices of Levy, Summonses or other correspondence with procedural guidance
  • Use the IRS’s Taxpayer Advocate Service or Appeals programs to escalate issues


What do I do when I receive an IRS letter or notice?

The IRS issues letters or notices when a balance is due, there is a change in your refund amount, additional information is needed for a return you filed, the IRS believes a return has not been filed or the IRS is conducting an audit and other miscellaneous issues. I will help you understand why you received correspondence, verify that it’s legitimate and help you communicate with the IRS.

What if I can’t pay my taxes? What is tax relief and how do I know if I qualify?

IRS tax relief occurs when a Taxpayer has more debt than ability to pay. There are multiple options available when tax debt can’t be paid immediately, in full, or at all. I can identify which option is your best chance for success.

Can tax relief companies actually save me thousands of dollars as advertised?

Maybe. Just because a balance due to the IRS is enforceable doesn’t mean it’s accurate. Part of my analysis of your case begins with verifying the tax debt is correct and taking action when adjustment of tax and/or penalties is appropriate such as challenging audit results or returns prepared by the IRS, filing amended returns or abatement of penalties.

Once the accurate tax liability is determined, which may result in savings, we can then determine if you are eligible to submit an Offer in Compromise or enter into a Partial Payment Installment Agreement for further savings.

When do I need professional tax help?

While anyone can prepare and file their own returns, many taxpayers feel more comfortable hiring a tax professional to prepare their routine returns. When an unexpected or unusual issue arises you are still allowed to represent yourself before the IRS but may feel overwhelmed doing so because of a lack of time or expertise. When you decide or even suspect you may be in over your head, such as when IRS enforcement actions have been proposed or even started, or you are being audited, this is a good timeto request a consultation.

How much do tax professionals charge?

Tax relief firms are rarely upfront about their pricing which often results in false promises, unexpected bills or payments that could have been better spent on your tax debt. Bighorn Tax Strategy provides a free consultation and transparent fee structure of $150.00 per hour with an immediate estimate of hours needed to resolve your problem. This is almost always more cost effective than hiring an attorney or paying your accountant to represent you.

And, not all tax attorneys or accountants provide IRS representation. Or if they do, they are often unfamiliar with IRS processes therefore they miss significant deadlines or fail to recognize when an IRS employee is violating your taxpayer rights. This can also be true of enrolled agents who never worked for the IRS or have limited professional experience and therefore limited subject matter expertise. In contrast, I can immediately identify if an IRS action is appropriate or even enforceable and if needed take immediate action to protect your rights.